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Borba se nastavlja- E-cigs save lives      The writer is executive director of Smokefree Pennsylvania. 

In sharp contrast to the Trib's fear-mongering headlines and Adam Smeltz's news story “Western Pa. cancer specialists call for electronic cigarette crackdown” , the scientific and empirical evidence indicates vaping is 99 percent less hazardous than smoking cigarettes, is more effective for quitting smoking than are FDA-approved drugs and has never been found to cause cancer or any other disease.

Vapor products have already replaced more than 1 billion packs of cigarettes in the U.S., as more than a million smokers have quit smoking and several million others have sharply reduced their cigarette consumption by switching to vaping. Unfortunately for public health and human rights, Big Pharma shills and President Obama's Department of Health and Human Services have deployed a massive misinformation and lobbying campaign against e-cigs since 2009, when the FDA unlawfully banned them and falsely claimed e-cigs don't help smokers quit and were target-marketed to youth.

Although the FDA's ban was struck down in 2011 (I filed an amicus brief with the D.C. Court of Appeals opposing the FDA's ban), last year the agency proposed a new regulation that would once again protect cigarette markets by banning more than 99 percent of e-cigs now on the market and by giving the entire e-cig industry to Big Tobacco companies.

While the free market for e-cigs has saved the lives of more than a million smokers, Obama's FDA, Big Pharma (whose FDA-approved drugs killed more 44,000 Americans in 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and now Big Tobacco want to once again deprive addicted smokers of legal access to lifesaving e-cigs.

Bill Godshall


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